G L O R I A /glôr'ē-ə/ 1. A Latin word meaning glory; a source of honor, admiration, and distinguished splendor.

Miami native, Gloria Hernando, is an independent artist best known for the realistic, color pencil drawings of Bulls. Driven by curiosity for her astrological sign, Taurus, she began extensive research on the history and meanings of the Bull. She found her strength, healing, and voice through it’s connection to empowerment, perseverance, and courage. Over the years, it became the emblem in her work and essentially a part of who she is. Each piece she creates is meant to communicate these traits and inspire viewers to engage with the Bull within them. In 2013 she began to draw under the alias, Latin for Glory, which has become her brand for all artistic and design endeavors. Gloria studied architecture at the University of Miami and interior design at the University of Florida. Her professional background in these fields is of great influence in her artwork best demonstrated through extensive concept development, proportional studies, and attention to detail through craftsmanship.

 Gloria recently presented her first solo exhibition, Seven Fires, in the Miami Design District. Seven Fires is the first of the ongoing collection, Elementa in which over the course of a few years, the artist will explore six natural found elements and their connections to our lives symbolically, emotionally, and physically. Each element will consist of individual exhibitions, installations, and activations that will allow viewers to engage and reconnect to these natural resources and harness their individual traits.

Her work has been exhibited in group shows for Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series in N’Namdi Gallery, Art Week at Arthood 56, and Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach. Gloria has also presented Running of the Bulls at Adelmo Gallery, Rhythms of the Day at Wirtz Gallery in the First National Bank of South Miami, and Horizons at The Vue in Fort Lauderdale. She was selected as one of the few artists to recreate a chair from the Miami Marine Stadium, titled “Memory Throne”. In addition, she has performed live art for clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, H&M, Chevrolet, and Jo Malone. Gloria continues to develop her art collections, experiment with mediums, and collaborate from her studio in the Miami Design District.