Painting the Roses Red | Print

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Painting the Roses Red | Print

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The Running of the Bulls collection depicts the bull head within unique and vivid compositions that are inspired by high-fashion, nature, and fascinating stories. The bull is a symbol of strength, perseverance, and power, and is meant to inspire others to pursue their dreams with courage. 


No. 3 of the collection re-imagines a powerful scene from Alice in Wonderland, in which she witnesses three playing cards forcefully painting the white roses with red paint, as orders from the foul-tempered monarch, the Queen of Hearts. This scene can be interpreted as a frantic attempt of changing things to go your way and fit your needs and likes. The white roses may symbolize innocence and purity being covered and drenched with the power hungry and passionate red paint. The bull's horns are intertwined with magical branches alongside a small gold crown reflected upon a black and white marble playing table. 

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