A R T : Del Toro x LATIN for GLORY

 D E L  T O R O  x  L A T I N for G L O R Y
Art Basel Block Park 2013

Del Toro is a luxury lifestyle brand based out of Miami, FL. It began as a men's collection but now includes shoes and accessories for both men and women. With an essence for genuine materials and contemporary designs, the shoe styles range from velvet slippers, leathers chukkas, sting ray drivers, and golden wingtips.I have been following this successful brand for a few years and truly admire the fusion of Italian and American designs into contemporary and playful styles. 

During Miami Art Basel 2013,  I was given the opportunity to enter my own designed chukka for exhibition in the Del Toro Block Party. Upon receiving the blank canvas shoe, I wasted no time in hitting up the drawing board. I aimed to create a shoe that reflected the LATIN for GLORY taste, youthful personality of Del Toro, and lively aspect of Art Basel Miami. 

As I dug for inspiration, I came across a piece of amethyst-toned agate (a quartz variety) and was inspired by its unique layers, contrasting colors, and brilliant hues. At first I marveled at the idea of keeping the shoe monotone but that wouldn't reflect the spirit of Art Basel one bit. I began with the upper vamp area of the sneaker and made my way around, painting ring around ring of agate layers. The colors purple, pink, red, orange, green, and blue rhythmically merged in and out of each other to create a rainbow of undulating patterns. 

T H E  I N S P I R A T I O N 

F R O M   B E G I N N I N G   T O  E N D



A hint of rose gold in both the bottom and interior of the sneaker give it the final "LATIN for GLORY" touch.
The Del Toro shoe display for the block party event.

Creating a work of art using the Del Toro shoe as a canvas was an experience I cannot wait to repeat in 2014.

C R E A T E  O N .