Sophia Webster #PimpMyCoco Design Challenge

Sophia Webster announced another challenge in which she asked clients and fans to submit their interpretation of the 'Coco' pump. The style features a classic pump silhouette with a chic flamingo detailing on the stiletto heel. Luckily I heard of the challenge right on time (the night before), and went straight to work. 

 There is nothing more inspirational yet challenging than a blank canvas. I aimed to create a very "hands on" design by directly placing my artwork on the pump, thus incorporating my source of inspiration with a personal element. The flamingo motif of the Coco reminded me of my home, Miami; a city growing with culture, life, and entertainment. One of my favorite aspects of Miami is the rapidly flourishing art scene that is revered in the Wynwood Arts District and the yearly Art Basel phenomenon. 

The base color of the shoe is a shade of blue reminiscent of the tropical weather and clear skies enjoyed year long. I then created layers of paint splatters in magenta, lilac, white, black, and rose gold to add the energy, passion, and fun element of Miami. Here is the final design of my submission Art Walk

"Art is an effort to make you walk a half an inch above ground".

-Yoko Ono

Interview with Shoerazzi

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by one of the most influential publications for my work, Shoerazzi. For many years, I have used the site to view new collections, research on emerging designers, and satisfy my obsession with shoes. This time, the article features my work as an illustrator and an insight into my life. Questions dive into my inspirations, favorite designers, artistic hurdles, future plans, and more. Click here to read the full Q&A, Interview with Artist and Designer Gloria Hernando

La Peccata Minuta | Nudist Song Illustration

Nudist Song: La Respuesta al Zapato Perfecto

Above is the illustration I created for La Peccata Minuta of the Nudist Sandal by Stuart Weitzman. Maria Conchita Arcala, author and creator of La Peccata Minuta, held a discussion with her audience wether they prefer to invest in a statement piece, such as a Charlotte Olympia style, or something more simple, such as the Nudist by Stuart Weitzman. The majority explained that they rather spend the mullah on a simple, versatile, and more comfortable piece. 

The article, Nudist Song: La Respuesta al Zapato Perfecto (The Answer to the Perfect Heel) goes into detail on the factors that make a pair such as the Nudist Song so desirable amongst celebrities and its fans. Apart from its clean lines and assortment of available materials, the Nudist heel is indeed comfortable for long wear and flattering on all types of feet. In conclusion, this simple pair checks off all the boxes and is well worth the investment. 

Click here to read the full Nudist Song Article

No Carbs for Thanksgiving

There are many things that I am thankful for in my life, including my health, family and friends. 

I am also very thankful for everyone's support, kind words, and admiration for my work. A lot of thought, love, and dedication is put into each piece I create, and to feel so much appreciation from other people, means everything. 

In ode to this year's Thanksgiving, I created a series of plated heels, each representing a different appetite, or style. Do not let the fork and knife deceive you, these plates have zero carbs, are fat free, and very low in sodium. 

Bon Appetite! 




No meal is complete without something...Sweet

Sophia Webster #PimpMyChiara Challenge

As a thank you to reaching a milestone of 500,000 followers on Instagram, Sophia Webster launched the #PimpMyChiara challenge for her fans. By simply using the provided sketch of the popular Chiara heel, which features a pair of butterfly wings, you could transform it into the shoe of your dreams. Below are three entries I created, each one with its own personality and story.  

Chiara No. 1 reflected my personal style with the blue and white porcelain motif commonly seen in my illustrations and artwork. The pattern on the toe band mimics the movement of the ocean, mean while the flowers on the wing directly relate to a butterfly's surroundings. 

Chiara No. 2 was inspired by Sophia Webster's playful designs and signature style of mixing vibrant colors, bold prints, and chic silhouettes. The palette I used includes orchid purple, candy apple red, and valentine pink. I paired these colors with a black and white striped pattern and "caviar" black pearl studs.  

Lastly, Chiara No. 3 alludes to the beauty and sultry nature of the fall. One of my favorite trends this season, is the incorporation of fur and the pom pom on everything! This decadent style decorates the Chiara with a multi-color faux fur toe strap, mulberry patent details, and oil slick leather wings with a matte charcoal lining. This one is bound to be a jaw dropper. 


The winner will be announced on the 20th of November. Wish me luck!