pimp my chiara

Sophia Webster #PimpMyChiara Challenge

As a thank you to reaching a milestone of 500,000 followers on Instagram, Sophia Webster launched the #PimpMyChiara challenge for her fans. By simply using the provided sketch of the popular Chiara heel, which features a pair of butterfly wings, you could transform it into the shoe of your dreams. Below are three entries I created, each one with its own personality and story.  

Chiara No. 1 reflected my personal style with the blue and white porcelain motif commonly seen in my illustrations and artwork. The pattern on the toe band mimics the movement of the ocean, mean while the flowers on the wing directly relate to a butterfly's surroundings. 

Chiara No. 2 was inspired by Sophia Webster's playful designs and signature style of mixing vibrant colors, bold prints, and chic silhouettes. The palette I used includes orchid purple, candy apple red, and valentine pink. I paired these colors with a black and white striped pattern and "caviar" black pearl studs.  

Lastly, Chiara No. 3 alludes to the beauty and sultry nature of the fall. One of my favorite trends this season, is the incorporation of fur and the pom pom on everything! This decadent style decorates the Chiara with a multi-color faux fur toe strap, mulberry patent details, and oil slick leather wings with a matte charcoal lining. This one is bound to be a jaw dropper. 


The winner will be announced on the 20th of November. Wish me luck!