Art Around the world

A year living in Europe warmed my heart and opened my eyes into an alternate lifestyle quite different to what I was used to. It seemed my days were geared towards pleasure and enjoyment, with "work" creeping into the crevices of the hours. I am not saying that hard work is not implemented into the day-to-day life in Europe, but rather that work itself is handled with care and love. I was able to witness first hand what it means to "work to live, not live to work". In those fleeting and wonderful moments in Madrid and travels around the globe, I gained 

As I reminisce, I want to share with you a trio of paintings I created exclusively for KIS Interior Design. The paintings captured just a few of the client's favorite European destinations including London, Barcelona, and Rome. The style of the paintings alludes to fashion illustrations, with clean and crisp lines. Overall, the palette is kept simple and focuses entirely on the composition telling the story of a young girl on her journey  to self-discovery. 

A R T : Interior Design meets Art

The LATIN for GLORY mission is to fuse the realms between fashion and art within the many disciplines of design. In February 2014 I was given the opportunity to re-purpose a large scale canvas into a chic work of art for a client of the high end interior design firm, KIS Interior Design.

For years I have been mentally creating art work inspired by the pop art master, Andy Warhol, and this February 2014 I collaborated on the perfect project to put these ideas into action. A client of the high-end interior design firm I currently work with, KIS Interior Design, had a painted canvas that needed to be repurposed into a work of art that would compliment the newly remodeled luxury apartment. .The 3' by 6' framed canvas would be showcased in a master closet for her (yes, for only her) so I immediately sought out to incorporate my signature motif of shoes. 

With Andy Warhol's shoes screen print in mind, I began mapping out a cluster of chic designer shoes that would appear to be floating within the boundaries of the framed canvas with no organization what so ever. In order to most efficiently disguise the existing painting, I chose to paint the entire background in the deepest black available, which also allowed the shoes to stand out. The client's penthouse is located in Miami, FL, which motivated me to chose colors that reflected the tropical and vibrant personality of the city. The trendy hues included zesty oranges, vivid reds, sumptuous purples, and something blue. 

This professionally taken photograph beautifully captures the contemporary design elements, luxury apparel, and my painting in the master closet. 

This is an image of the original painting that was provided to me by the client. First step : paint over the entire canvas in black! 

Due to the large scale of the canvas and the much smaller scale of my desk, it was challenging to visualize the entirety of the surface area needed to be covered. I used a white chalk to map out the outline of the shoes to make sure each shoe was proportional to the other, and that the composition was balanced. 

Thankfully the adjacent desk provided the perfect platform to examine the layout from a top view. 

Close up of the shoe imprints made with chalk on black acrylic. 

The Muses

Once the brilliant colors were finilized, I went over with a thin layer of black to create a "silk screen" appearance seen in the photographs of Andy Warhol. 

Six feet tall and ready to be delivered to the job site. 

S T R U T  O N . 

Hello 2014!

Goodbye 2013...H E L L O  2 0 1 4 !

I want to wish you all an endless amount of success, happiness, health, and inspiration in this bright new year. 

2013 proved to be quite a roller coaster of a year; the year was filled with milestones such a my college graduation, first full-time employment as a designer, and an array of Live Art experiences. With all the sunshine, there were also the shadows, which in my case were filled mostly with the uncertainties of life after receiving my diploma in the mail. 

Like most people in their early 20s, life seemed like a blur with my goals lingering in the horizon yet no compass to direct me. Towards the end of 2013, I realized that's what our 20s are for : figuring out the true paths in life while having a damn good time doing so. Achieving your goals takes an immense focus, efficient execution, unwavering passion, and clear mind. In the midst of all the activity, it can be very easy to lose the drive and notice the possibilities of failure. The most important lesson I learned is that these down times can be turned into something positive by taking them as moments to step outside the box and breathe. 

I felt the pressure pushing down on me more and more as we reached the end of the year. Although, not near my breaking point, I was able to snap out of it during my trips to Dominican Republic, London, and Paris. The change of scenery forced me to step back and realize that the light at the end of the tunnel was still beaming bright.

As I cheer on the new year, I keep in mind that it doesn't take a big count down to make a change. Each day is a chance to learn, grow, and reach for your dreams. So for 2014, for tomorrow, for today, and the now, I continue on my path towards both my short term and long term goals!

Could not have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate the new year, under the Eiffel tower in my beloved city of Paris. 

S P A R K L E  O N .