A R T : Interior Design meets Art

The LATIN for GLORY mission is to fuse the realms between fashion and art within the many disciplines of design. In February 2014 I was given the opportunity to re-purpose a large scale canvas into a chic work of art for a client of the high end interior design firm, KIS Interior Design.

For years I have been mentally creating art work inspired by the pop art master, Andy Warhol, and this February 2014 I collaborated on the perfect project to put these ideas into action. A client of the high-end interior design firm I currently work with, KIS Interior Design, had a painted canvas that needed to be repurposed into a work of art that would compliment the newly remodeled luxury apartment. .The 3' by 6' framed canvas would be showcased in a master closet for her (yes, for only her) so I immediately sought out to incorporate my signature motif of shoes. 

With Andy Warhol's shoes screen print in mind, I began mapping out a cluster of chic designer shoes that would appear to be floating within the boundaries of the framed canvas with no organization what so ever. In order to most efficiently disguise the existing painting, I chose to paint the entire background in the deepest black available, which also allowed the shoes to stand out. The client's penthouse is located in Miami, FL, which motivated me to chose colors that reflected the tropical and vibrant personality of the city. The trendy hues included zesty oranges, vivid reds, sumptuous purples, and something blue. 

This professionally taken photograph beautifully captures the contemporary design elements, luxury apparel, and my painting in the master closet. 

This is an image of the original painting that was provided to me by the client. First step : paint over the entire canvas in black! 

Due to the large scale of the canvas and the much smaller scale of my desk, it was challenging to visualize the entirety of the surface area needed to be covered. I used a white chalk to map out the outline of the shoes to make sure each shoe was proportional to the other, and that the composition was balanced. 

Thankfully the adjacent desk provided the perfect platform to examine the layout from a top view. 

Close up of the shoe imprints made with chalk on black acrylic. 

The Muses

Once the brilliant colors were finilized, I went over with a thin layer of black to create a "silk screen" appearance seen in the photographs of Andy Warhol. 

Six feet tall and ready to be delivered to the job site. 

S T R U T  O N . 

A R T : Del Toro x LATIN for GLORY

 D E L  T O R O  x  L A T I N for G L O R Y
Art Basel Block Park 2013

Del Toro is a luxury lifestyle brand based out of Miami, FL. It began as a men's collection but now includes shoes and accessories for both men and women. With an essence for genuine materials and contemporary designs, the shoe styles range from velvet slippers, leathers chukkas, sting ray drivers, and golden wingtips.I have been following this successful brand for a few years and truly admire the fusion of Italian and American designs into contemporary and playful styles. 

During Miami Art Basel 2013,  I was given the opportunity to enter my own designed chukka for exhibition in the Del Toro Block Party. Upon receiving the blank canvas shoe, I wasted no time in hitting up the drawing board. I aimed to create a shoe that reflected the LATIN for GLORY taste, youthful personality of Del Toro, and lively aspect of Art Basel Miami. 

As I dug for inspiration, I came across a piece of amethyst-toned agate (a quartz variety) and was inspired by its unique layers, contrasting colors, and brilliant hues. At first I marveled at the idea of keeping the shoe monotone but that wouldn't reflect the spirit of Art Basel one bit. I began with the upper vamp area of the sneaker and made my way around, painting ring around ring of agate layers. The colors purple, pink, red, orange, green, and blue rhythmically merged in and out of each other to create a rainbow of undulating patterns. 

T H E  I N S P I R A T I O N 

F R O M   B E G I N N I N G   T O  E N D



A hint of rose gold in both the bottom and interior of the sneaker give it the final "LATIN for GLORY" touch.
The Del Toro shoe display for the block party event.

Creating a work of art using the Del Toro shoe as a canvas was an experience I cannot wait to repeat in 2014.

C R E A T E  O N . 

I L L U S T R A T I O N S : Footwear Illustrations for Metro Velvet

F E R O C I U O S   C O L L A B O R A T I O N

The few days leading up to Art Basel Miami 2013, I found myself doing what I love most...drawing shoes. If you cant have them, might as well draw them. My task was to re-create three over-the-top-gorgeous shoes to serve as the focal point in a METROVELVET article. For the Animalier Tendencies, I drew a Fendi ankle boot, Givenchy boot, and Sophia Webster heel. All three shoes incorporated animalistic qualities that were expressed through materiality, pattern, or overall look.

 A few people have asked me what was the most challenging aspect about illustrating such unique footwear. For me, personally, the most challenging part in creating these drawings was capturing the expressive qualities of each material, especially fur, in a way that looks 3-dimensional on a 2-dimensional surface. However, at the end of the day, the most complicated pieces usually turn out to be the most astonishing! Below you will find a snap shot of the final article, a few process images, and the three scanned illustrations without editing. 




Luxe boot by Givenchy

Fall/Winter 2013 ankle boot by Fendi

Sienna Mandarin by Sophia Webster

 G E T   Y O U R   A N I M A L I E R   O N . 

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A R T : Red Soles

I sold my soul to the sole. 

My unwavering passion for shoes inevitably transfers onto my blank pages upon the initial stages of a drawing. For this drawing I decided to zoom into a stiletto designed by Christian Louboutin that was inspired by the neoplasticism technique of the late Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. The shoe itself is a bold work of art so I aimed to focus only on one shoe to fill up the paper and reveal just the right amount of white space. 

I present to you, Ulona.

A R T : Juan Genoves

Years ago, I walked along side my parents up and down the jaw dropping corridors at Art Basel Miami , completely awed and eye-sore. I saw many paintings, sculptures, films, and installations that both captivated my interest and others that I cared very little for. Through out all the years I have attending the Art Basel Miami events, there was always one painting that came to mind. For what ever reason at the moment of being left completely entranced both mentally and emotionally, I did not grasp the name of the genius behind this work of art that today, yes, many years later, I ran into again. For it was an image running vertically down a canvas twice my size in which along the center were congregations of varied colors and black shapes that together formed depictions of people. This image, so incredibly detailed yet formed of simple figures, not only tapped into my visual senses but represented a journey, a magnificent journey that since that day, and continuing still this day, navigates upwards into the positive light. It is the journey of life alongside all the tiny people in the canvas that means everything. With a purpose, the people important in life, and a path in the right direction, all things in life can be achieved. 

A B O U T  the A R T I S T 

Juan Genove is a Spanish artist that has creatively expressed his opinions towards political endeavors. In his paintings, he portrays two different subjects: the "Individual" and the "Crowd". The "Crowd" is the subject matter I am most fascinated by with its use of flat colors to depict such powerful and "cinematographic style". The crowd is Juan's investigation of static movement in painting and creates the dialogue about the problems of painting and visual rhythm. To learn more about his life visit his B I O G R A P H Y.

Here are just a few of my favorite Juan Genove pieces (created 2000-present) in no particular order. 
To you, Juan Genoves, I say thank you for your talent and sharing such a powerful work of art that hopefully impacts others as much as it does me.