New Beginnings

Spring is when life is alive in everything." - Christina Rosetti

Recently, I have focused on giving my soul a little TLC. My mission this Spring has been to deeply connect my mind, body, and soul in order to reach my highest potential each and everyday. With the mix of prayer, inner meditation, writing, and endless soul searching I have been able to overcome personal obstacle, accept the past hardships, and move towards my goals. I realized that once I tune into my core and come to peace with myself, I am more open to life and my relationships. 

To accompany this transit into a higher state of being, I have been working on the piece Wall Art. This piece is the new Latin for Glory image that you will see everywhere. It is a reflection of who I am as a person, what visually inspires me, and where I want to go in life. The bull skull, as seen in my most iconic pieces, is a symbol of taurus- latin for bull and my zodiac sign. It is a representation of perseverance, passion, luxury, and the connection to Earth. The bull wears a headdress constructed of black onyx beads, woven braids, and decadent tassels. Onyx helps achieve alignment, endurance, power, and  stability. This headdress is my armor through my journey of life. It is a protection against illusions, obscurity, and ill intentions. Four shoes- designed by me, sit at the head. Each shoe is designed in a unique style, bringing playfulness and pizzaz to this journey! Electric, jewel tones reflect light and add some sparkle, while bringing in another layer of detail. As the saying goes, the higher the heel, the closer to heaven...right? A simple white marble backdrop ties in my passion for contemporary design meanwhile creating a bright canvas for my ideas to run free. 

Below is a snippet of the creation of Wall Art, showing the small scale of each detail that makes this final piece come to life. I have also included the process shots as seen on my instagram account @latinforglory