2015 was dedicated to adventure. I answered to my calling and quit my job, packed my bags, and bought a one way ticket to Madrid. It proved to be a year of experiencing the world and creating an abundance of new art along with new friendships. 

2016 was about changes; many of them both big and small, important and some less so. Life brought me back to Miami. I lost my childhood home but gained my first legitimate apartment. I missed Europe everyday, but was given the opportunity to live Miami from a refreshingly different perspective. I let myself be sad, confused, and through reflection have never been happier in my life. 

2017, my lucky number 7. I have never been a firm believer that the "new year" is the time to recreate your life. I think every single day of our lives is the time to pursue our dreams, work smarter, share the love with our friends and family, and become our best selves. However, the flip of the calendar surely feels like fresh breeze on a hot day. 

Cheers to another year of being alive. Think big, act big, and let's make it and everyday until the stars are within our reach.