An Oscar de la Renta Dream

Oscar de la Renta New York Show Room

This past weekend I had the pleasure of returning to one of the most exciting and enchanting cities in the world, New York. Needless to say, my time spent there was incredible. It was filled with hot food spots, the latest runway fashion, and soaring heights. The highlight of my trip was a visit to the Oscar de la Renta show room to meet the head of the footwear department, Daniel Lawler. 

Upon walking through the pristine elevator lobby decorated with ivory linen wallpaper, I was welcomed into an uplifting lobby. Natural light soared in through the large windows and glimmered against editorial images featuring this season's gowns and models. 

Once greeted by Daniel Lawler, the excitement only increased as I was escorted through the vast show room space that felt more like a dream than reality. Rows of vibrant fabrics, elegant silhouettes, and coveted mannequin displays brought the later Oscar himself to life. It truly touched my heart to feel his presence in the show room. 

Amidst all the luxurious apparel, was a centrally situated area housing the Spring '16 accessories "hot out of the oven". This small oasis of shoes, handbags, and jewelry was the perfect culmination of my life at this moment, inspired by Spain, where Oscar ignited his career as a designer. 

Daniel Lawler culminated the Spanish inspired collection with silk, stone and sequin embellished espadrilles, jewel-toned widow's peak mules, and rose embraced Mary Jane stilettos. Handbags were decadently drenched in hand woven embellishments made in India and selected shoes had ornate soles for a wholesome and unique 360 design. Each piece was oozing in the elegance of Spanish appeal and was as fluid and entrancing as flamenco dance down the streets of Madrid. 

All the beauty and ornate details I witnessed at hand will launch me into Bull No. 6 of the series. This piece will feature an abundance of beading, embellishments, lacework, and my favorite, a bed of flowers. To complete the mood, I have included below my personal favorite Spring 2016 runway looks from New York Fashion Week's show. These looks fuse both my passion for high fashion and my current life in Spain. I truly cannot wait to transpire the endless inspiration onto paper soon. Stay tuned! OlĂ©!

Images Source: Footwear News