Deep red roses, romantic lace, diamond encrusted crowns, and unexpected flamenco polka-dots are just a few of the elements that reigned in the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 runway show. As I replayed the sequence over and over again, I envisioned the beauty of this collection conveyed within the composition of my Running of the Bulls art series. It was the perfect fusion of a Spanish inspired high fashion collection and the bull; a symbol which has reigned for centuries, and continues to reign, in the Spanish culture. 

For my fourth bull of the series, a structured white bone skull with faintly overlaid polka dots, is set against a deep ombre black and grey lace background. A head of blood red roses and carnations frame the exquisite golden crown. This crown, as seen on my favorite look of the Dolce & Gabbana SS15 collection, is encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and depictions of the Golden Heart. The horns stem out of the bed of flowers, embellished with gold flowers, pearls, gemstones, and silver studs. 

Click the slideshow below to view more snap shots of the process.