Pug Life

The illustration, "Pug Life" is a perfect blend of all my favorite things: art, fashion, dogs, and humor. A spin on the popular thug life, "Pug Life" is ready to spring in action, and blast you into the '50s in style. 

I once came across the image of a pug driving an adorable hot pink and yellow children's car and could not help re-imagine the humorous image within a high-fashion world. Drawing upon Prada's Spring 2012 collection, I recreated the image as a blast to the past, incorporating elements from midcentury automobiles. Prada's S12 footwear line was an instant sensation with its quirky hotrod looks featuring flames, chrome fenders, brake lights, and playful color schemes. "Pug Life" fuses all these elements in one, with a touch of watercolor for added pizzaz. 

"Pug Life" is now available in my Society 6 shop. Click on the images below to view all the apparel, home decor, and technology accessories featuring this illustration. Please feel free to contact me for any customizations. Enjoy!