I L L U S T R A T I O N : The Oriett Domenech Collaboration

F A L L I N G  into F A L L 
With Fashion Designer, Oriett Domenech

During the short retreat away from blogging I have worked on numerous collaborations and incorporated custom made drawings for a few clients : Dakoda Travel, SHK Magazine, Gail Interiors, and the latest, Oriett Domenech. Oriett launched her fashion career at the Altos the Chavon Fashion School in Dominican Republic and had the honor to participate the next year for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Award. After interning with the beloved Oscar de la Renta in New York City, Oriett was recognized with "The New Fashion Face Award" at the Dominican Republic Fashion Week. She continues to strive in the fashion world , producing extraordinary pieces, and is currently show casing at this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in New York City. 

Here is the illustration I produced for her ad campaign, featuring an enticing metallic dress that has been worn by celebrities including Kim Kardashian. The drawing show cases the power, sensuality, and exotic qualities that are eminent in the design of the dress. As the ad campaign moves forward, I will be sharing the final products. Stay tuned.