A R T : Juan Genoves

Years ago, I walked along side my parents up and down the jaw dropping corridors at Art Basel Miami , completely awed and eye-sore. I saw many paintings, sculptures, films, and installations that both captivated my interest and others that I cared very little for. Through out all the years I have attending the Art Basel Miami events, there was always one painting that came to mind. For what ever reason at the moment of being left completely entranced both mentally and emotionally, I did not grasp the name of the genius behind this work of art that today, yes, many years later, I ran into again. For it was an image running vertically down a canvas twice my size in which along the center were congregations of varied colors and black shapes that together formed depictions of people. This image, so incredibly detailed yet formed of simple figures, not only tapped into my visual senses but represented a journey, a magnificent journey that since that day, and continuing still this day, navigates upwards into the positive light. It is the journey of life alongside all the tiny people in the canvas that means everything. With a purpose, the people important in life, and a path in the right direction, all things in life can be achieved. 

A B O U T  the A R T I S T 

Juan Genove is a Spanish artist that has creatively expressed his opinions towards political endeavors. In his paintings, he portrays two different subjects: the "Individual" and the "Crowd". The "Crowd" is the subject matter I am most fascinated by with its use of flat colors to depict such powerful and "cinematographic style". The crowd is Juan's investigation of static movement in painting and creates the dialogue about the problems of painting and visual rhythm. To learn more about his life visit his B I O G R A P H Y.

Here are just a few of my favorite Juan Genove pieces (created 2000-present) in no particular order. 
To you, Juan Genoves, I say thank you for your talent and sharing such a powerful work of art that hopefully impacts others as much as it does me.