P H O T O G R A P H Y : Ilse Moore

T H E  S P I R I T  of  G A L E T E A 
An Underwater Collaboration with : 
Photographer Ilse Moore - Art Director/Model Elsa Bleda - Makeup Artist Liezl Zene Oberholzer - Designer Joel Janse van Vuuren 

One thing I can attest to doing absolutely every single day is seek inspiration. Whether its by perusing endlessly on Pinterest, searching for the latest Drake hit, trying out a new hot spot in Miami, or losing myself in the glossy pages of Vogue Italia, inspiration ignites my work and motivation like nothing else. As I meandered through the vast internet resources I bumped into an alluring photograph of a woman enchantingly submerged in dark waters and embraced by a beautiful garment. I then clicked on the link and fell head over heels with the entire collection of fashion motif photographs. The combination of mystery, beauty, entwining focal points, and lustrous hues adds to the success of these images. 

"This underwater shoot captures the essence of the Greek sea nymph legend and explores the beauty and movement of fashion below the surface". -Isle Moore

Here are the collections The Spirit of Galetea, Feline Blush, and Keep Your Eyes on Me. Enjoy.  


F E L I N E  B L U S H 
Wonderland Couture

K E E P  Y O U R  E Y E S  O N  M E 

Check out more of Ilse Moore's wonderful photography at : 

D R E A M  O N .