D E S I G N : Louis Vuitton Singapore

L O U I S  V U I T T O N  M A I S O N 
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Surfacing from the crisp water's edge as a ship-like structure, the Louis Vuitton Maison Marina Bay Sands activates every sense of a first impression. The combination of glass, dynamic compositions, metals, and dramatic lighting creates a magical and playful relationship with the surrounding water's reflective surface. This 46,000 square foot luxury good haven was the product of an all-mighty collaboration with the progressive architecture by Moshe Safdi and decadent interiors by Peter Marino.

A nautical theme is evident in both the exterior structure and interior finishes to appropriately tie in Louis Vuitton's dedication to luxury travel goods. Although the structure is completely encapsulated by skylights and curtain wall panels, the interior and merchandise is protected through the use of a UV-resistant varnish that shields away damaging rays. Below are photographs of both the exterior and interior of this exceptional work of art. 
* photographs not taken by me

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