L I F E : Graduation, Birthday, Mother's Day Palooza

These past few weeks have been infused with senior thesis projects, award ceremonies, graduations, birthday, mothers day, goodbyes, and hellos. As I closed the last chapter of a powerful and exciting book I was already on the next book in the blink of an eye. Graduating from college was an emotional experience that has led to me to deeply ponder about my goals and visions in life. Although some received their diploma with a clear idea of their next step in life, I remain with an open mind. I am aware that my options are endless and it that it is 100% up to my mind, body, and soul to go out in the world and make my dreams come true. 

I do apologize to my viewers for not posting in what seems an eternity, but thankfully LATIN for GLORY is back in business! Get ready for an infiltration of cutting edge interior design, mouthwatering fashion, and art that will make your heart skip a beat. Here are some snip-its from my graduation, birthday, and mothers day! 

It finally hit me that these were my last days in Gainesville, sharing the 24 hours of the day with incredible friends, and being a undergraduate student. At least I will be leaving the school with the highest honors, summa cum laude!

Finally in : the new and improved business cards, my design portfolio, and teaser page. Time to get a job. 

I could not resist decorating my cap, and none the less using an absurd amount of glitter. I chose to portray my passion in life which is the fusion of art and fashion, as well as my LATIN for GLORY brand. 

After the two hour ceremony, which turned out to be immensely inspirational, I was officially a graduate from the University of Florida. 

With no breathing time after graduation festivities I launched into my birthday. Thank you everyone that made it so special!

The capstone of the festivities was the blessing of sharing mother's day with my mother, the essence of my life. She is the strongest, most loving, and beautiful person that exists in my life and I am every thankful for having her as my mom.

Happy mothers day to all the super-moms out there and those with us in spirit.