G L O R I A /glôr'ē-ə/ 1. A Latin word meaning glory; a source of honor, admiration, and distinguished splendor.

Gloria Hernando is a Miami-based artist and designer that has dedicated her life to the pursuit of fusing art and design through the creation of multi-disciplinary services and unique products. Gloria studied architecture and interior design, which led to discovering passion for other realms of design such as fashion. This journey also sparked the desire to continue her self-taught practice in fine arts and illustration. 

The LATIN for GLORY artwork is noted for its realistic depictions of women, haute couture, and designer footwear. Although Gloria continues to experiment with a variety of artistic mediums, her most distinguishing tools of the trade are color pencils. The meticulous work, dedication, and passion for both beauty and art transpire through every detail that is captivated with each pencil mark and saturated composition.

“My goal with art and design is to evoke a refined sense of awe. I curate every step of the process including the initial research, concept development, production, and final composition in order to achieve a unique and glorious experience.”