G L O R I A /glôr'ē-ə/ 1. A Latin word meaning glory; a source of honor, admiration, and distinguished splendor.

A Latin name that translates to glory and distinguished splendor, has perhaps turned into a chant that has cast a spell on a seemingly ordinary stack of colored pencils. And the bearer of that striking name has turned them into her own charms, creating beauty and wonder all around her, one pencil stroke at a time.

Miami-native Gloria Hernando has always looked at the world as work of art in itself –a dreamy mural she hopes to carve in her distinctly whimsical point of view unabashedly.  Having studied architecture and interior design, Gloria is in constant pursuit of fusing art with design –a journey that took a significant turn when she booked a one-way ticket to Madrid. A city pulsating with vigor and excitement, Madrid fanned the flames of her burning passion for art and shoe illustrations. She then cultivated her penchant for design, resulting in the art series called Running of The Bulls which through large-scale and highly saturated drawings, depicts her celestial sign Taurus as a commanding bull that charges full force as it reaches for the stars with its horns pointed high. And with a heart strongly beating for her love of illustration and the fine arts, as well as a culturally nourished soul yearning to create and share her story, Gloria returned home to finally share her art with the world.